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Welcome to Lowes, the trusted Australian retail chain dedicated to providing quality schoolwear, workwear, menswear, and unisex clothing. With a proud 125-year history as a 100% Aussie-owned company, we take pride in walking alongside our fellow Aussies throughout their life journey.

Since our humble beginnings in 1898 as an affordable menswear store, we have grown into an iconic brand with a nationwide network of 200 stores. And the best part? We continue to offer high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

At Lowes, we believe in making a positive impact. That's why we have formed enduring partnerships with sustainability and charity groups such as Worn Up, BlockTexx, Mark Hughes Foundation, Jeans for Genes, Vinnies, and more. Together, we are working towards a better future.

Come and discover our range of clothing, accessories, and shoes for the whole family, at Lowes!


About our CEO - Mrs Linda Penn B.Comm. LL.B.

Prior to working at Lowes, Linda graduated from UNSW with a double degree in Law and Commerce. She began working at Mallesons in corporate, commercial, and IT law for three years until her father, Hans Mueller, encouraged her to work for Lowes as he had plans to retire. Linda would go on to transform the Lowes marketing department as their new Marketing Director, becoming one of the most recognized brands throughout Australia and inventing the iconic sign-off used in commercials, "At Lowes."

After the passing of her father in 2018, the business was handed over to Linda and her brother, Jeffrey Mueller, who became co-owners of Lowes exclusively.

In 2018, Linda ascended to the top role of CEO, subsequently transforming the entire Lowes business by embarking on a major business restructuring and bringing the successful brand into record profits.

Linda has always been committed to her philanthropy work, which was inspired by her late father, who took immense pride in giving back to the Australian and international community. Notably, Linda has always been ambitious, consistently breaking charity records. Her efforts can be observed dating back to 1998 with the Jeans for Genes initiative. Lowes celebrated their 100-year anniversary by inviting suppliers to attend their centenary ball in the name of donating crucial funds to support the CMRI (Children's Medical Research Institute) charity Jeans for Genes, raising an extraordinary $350,000. This would be the beginning of fostering a long-term relationship with the CMRI. Twenty-five years on and to date, Lowes has raised a total of $2,350,000 towards finding treatments and cures for children's genetic diseases.

Lowes has a geographical advantage with its 200 stores, allowing for optimal reach across the nation. This structure acts as a vehicle for fundraising throughout the community. Community fundraising assists members of the community to actively engage in finding opportunities to help others while also empowering them to make meaningful change. Lowes' mantra has always centred around community and giving back, permeating through the entire business.

Learn more about our Sustainability and Charity efforts.