The Hoodie - What Style Are You?

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The Hoodie - What Style Are You?

Long before it found itself a witness to dodgy deals in darkened alleys, the hoodie was actually designed to keep labourers and athletes warm and protected from the elements. Since then hoodies in Australia and around the world have been a staple for hip-hop culture, skaters, surfers and university students. Today menswear wouldn’t be the same without the iconic hoodie, which is no longer just for gangsta’s shielding themselves from CCTV cameras. Instead, you can see the hoodie worn across all ages. So which style are you?

The Rocky Hoodie
The 1976 blockbuster boxing movie ‘Rocky’ gave the hoodie an iconic status. In one of the movie’s famous scenes Sylvester Stallone ended his morning run with an ascent up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art in his hoodie. This ascent has become symbolic, representing that an underdog can become a champion. For most guys they love to think they still have what it takes to be Rocky but prefer to wear hoodies because you can get cosy and eat some food and your belly doesn't show.

The Hoodie Stealer
The hoodie is the most coveted piece of clothing, admired by girlfriends and ex-girlfriends alike and something your significant other always wants to borrow. It’s like going to a restaurant and ordering dessert which they don’t want, until you order a nice slab of cheesecake and they change their mind and take yours. Buying a sacrificial hoodie is a good solution to prevent your favourite hoodie from being stolen.

The Summer Hoodie Wearer
For you, all weather is hoodie weather, no matter what the temperature or time of year. A sweltering summer day is the perfect time to wear your hoodie because there's something the offers: comfort, comfort and more comfort. And if you can’t bear to wear it anymore, you can always tie it around your waist.

The Mark Zuckerberg Hoodie
The Facebook founder has made grey hoodies his signature look. For you it symbolised the nerds winning; it represented the power of intelligence over flash. Substance over surface. Or perhaps when you’re worth over 70 billion dollars you don’t care what people think, you just want to lounge around in the comfiest way possible.

The Oversize Hoodie Wearer
You like looking good, but you like wearing oversized hoodies more. Wearing a hoodie that is three sizes too big and comes down to your knees may not be the most wearable style choice, but if Just Bieber can pull it off so can you.

The Hoodie Hoarder
You’re obsessed with hoodies. You have numerous hoodies, and you have so many that you’ve now created a filing system. This involves items co-ordinated by colour, and comfort. But a bit like how all parents have a secret favourite child, you also have a favourite hoodie.

Whether you're out to make a fashion statement or just lounge around in the comfiest way possible, hoodies are a must-own staple of any wardrobe. So check out the huge range of men’s hoodies, jackets and jumpers available in store and online ... At Lowes!