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Since when does lettuce cost the same as a polo shirt?

You know it's tough times when the humble iceberg lettuce costs $12 bucks! Yes, the worst kind of lettuce has been the headline grabbing story for the cost of living crisis gripping Australia. With the rising cost of fuel, gas, electricity, groceries, interest rates, property prices and stagnant wages, it's easy to wonder if there's anything out there that's good value anymore. So, it's nice to know that you can by a Lowes polo shirt for the price of an iceberg lettuce at only $12.95!

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What To Do If She’s Stealing Your Clothes

Why do girls love to borrow from the boys? Is it because they look good in men’s clothes or simply because they think they have nothing else to wear? Or is it comfort? Guys get hoodies and track pants; girls get sports bras and yoga pants so tight they can’t breathe! Whatever the reason, if you don’t want to lose half your wardrobe to your significant other, here’s some ideas.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

Just like food, water, or footy, sleep is a necessity. If you regularly get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night then you are more likely to maintain a good weight, reduce depression and anxiety, boost your immune system as well as long term reductions in risk of cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer's. By now, you've likely heard of many good habits that help aid in getting a restful sleep, like tossing your phone to the side and turning over, but trying to improve sleep can be hard to do. Well, try adding these refreshing sleep habits to your nightly routine for a better night's sleep.

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Winter Essentials That Every Man Needs

Winter Essentials That Every Man Needs?

Aussies are a funny bunch when it comes to winter. We think we’re tough but watch what happens when the temperature drops below 20°! When winter arrives in Australia, as per usual, we’re all surprised. We all feel completely unprepared for winter and then struggle to accept the change in season when it does hit. So what do Aussies do to get through it? Lowes is here to help with a great range of winter essentials.

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The Hoodie - What Style Are You?

Long before it found itself a witness to dodgy deals in darkened alleys, the hoodie was actually designed to keep labourers and athletes warm and protected from the elements. Since then hoodies in Australia and around the world have been a staple for hip-hop culture, skaters, surfers and university students. Today menswear wouldn’t be the same without the iconic hoodie, which is no longer just for gangsta’s shielding themselves from CCTV cameras. Instead, you can see the hoodie worn across all ages. So which style are you?

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Indigenous Wear at Lowes

Aboriginal art is about storytelling. Now, here to share his stories and the stories of his elders is Richard Campbell – an aboriginal painter from the Illawarra region of Kiama, NSW (also known as Dharawal land). Richard set about designing the Gumaraa Indigenous Polo Shirt collection exclusive to Lowes, which features traditional symbols and everyone’s favourite Australian animals including the kangaroo, emu, and platypus.

So get ready to wear a story on your sleeve with one of Richard Campbell’s designs available exclusively in store and online at Lowes!

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What Kind of Party Person Are You?

What Kind of Party Person Are You?

Hawaiian Shirts! Hawaiian shirts are the symbol of freedom and nothing says “party” more than a Hawaiian shirt. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with a huge range of mens, ladies and kids Hawaiian shirts at Lowes!

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What's Your Favourite Aussie Colour?

What's Your Favourite Aussie Colour?

Australia is a country full of colour. From the beautiful and pristine blue and gold beaches, the green eucalyptus forests and pastures to the vast red centre. Even more colourful in summer, now’s the perfect time to embrace your favourite colours with Tie Dye … At Lowes!

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What type of person are you in the great outdoors?

What type of person are you in the great outdoors??

We’ve all experienced the highs and lows of the great outdoors. Like hooking the big one fishing only to see it get off before you can reel it in. Or camping on a sunny day only to have it pouring rain the next minute. So whether you’re the type of person that embraces the outdoors, or you’re being dragged along, we’ve got you covered … At Lowes!

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Shorts For Men: How Short Is Too Short?

Shorts for men: How short is too short?

For blokes, there’s one fair excuse for wearing short shorts - playing footy or any other sport for that matter. But blokes must enjoy short shorts because we’ve all seen them in their post footy days.